Fun Activities For Pregnant Couples!


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In "Fun Activities For Pregnant Couples!" we'll discuss 28 dating highlights, from enjoying a late-night picnic to going on a memorable babymoon! 

Dating during pregnancy is not so different from dating during earlier days, but there are a few things to think about, especially if this is your first time pregnant.

Having a baby is an exciting, meaningful, life-changing adventure. Though it may seem to drag on--mostly during the third trimester--it is also often described as gone before you know it. When the baby does arrive, your relationship and life will change forever, especially for the next 18 years or so. 

If you have a couple's bucket list of things you've always wanted to do, now is a perfect time. It's the last several months you'll spend together as only a couple. So now is the time to find fun things for pregnant couples to do. Soon, there will be a list of firsts that you will celebrate with your baby, so take the time to enjoy celebrating a few of your lasts together as a couple. 

Not only are dates important for relationship building, but they can also reduce stress levels, which helps keep the two of you and your fetus healthy. 

Stress is linked to early and lower birth weights. One study showed that 7-8% of anxious or depressed women have babies pre-term, so relax in earnest and enjoy each other. Setting aside just a few hours to enjoy your partner's company can help decrease anxiety and increase your happiness. 

So take advantage and build up a stockpile of lifetime memories from your pregnancy life.

1. Follow Your Cravings 

Having a peaceful meal will be an extremely rare event once the baby arrives. Follow your cravings and binge on your taste buds. Simply visit places that sell what you crave, and call it a date. 

Your initial first-trimester nausea may not act in your favor. However, you will experience a rampage of food cravings once you enter your second or third trimester. Follow your taste buds. Yield to those mouthwatering delicacies you're desiring, no matter how strange. 

Besides, it's great fun to give your partner the heebie-jeebies as he watches you enjoy a pickle and peanut butter sandwich.

2. Dance With Your Partner 

Dancing is an excellent approach to exercising and connecting intimately. This is one of the great fun activities for pregnant couples after nausea has hopefully slowed down in the second trimester and before the mom-to-be gets to the point of being too uncomfortable to move around during the third trimester. 

Consider taking dance lessons or a few types of dance lessons together. In addition to supporting your physical health, dancing during pregnancy has been shown to aid the actual birthing process. With regular dancing, most women experience easier births, lower pain levels, and a greater capacity to manage the process of giving birth. 

3. Get A Couple's Massage 

Pregnancy can be exhausting and stressful for both husband and wife. This can come from feeling anxious over the birth to getting things settled out at work to feeling the weight of your upcoming responsibilities. 

Book a prenatal massage, foot/leg, or facial massage for you and your partner's much-needed and well-deserved relief. Savor your pre-baby euphoria. 

Hubby may also want to learn how to do pregnancy massage to help reduce your anxiety and pain during labor and delivery. Massage can reduce your labor time and help you cope with contractions. And this could also be an excellent time for the two of you to learn baby massage. It's a lot of fun! 

4. Catch A Comedy Show 

activities for pregnant couples

If you hit the point of feeling down, discouraged, and ready to be done with the pregnancy, consider catching a comedy show with your partner as a super fun date night. Depending on where you live, there may be a famed comedy club not so far away with daily comedians.

Or, to spice things up, you can join or attend an improv group in your local area.

5. Cook Dinner Together 

Cooking together is an ideal way to explore and experiment with your meals as a team.

During pregnancy, your taste can be a bit different than usual so take this chance to cook a cuisine that satisfies your particular desires. Also, make it an ongoing effort as a couple to create random recipes and start a practice of perfecting staple meals that most kids will love. 

You may also want to alternate cooking special meals for one another. This can nurture a healthy lifestyle and your relationship. 

6. Have A Game Night 

Sometimes you just want a simple, cozy date night at home. Having a game night is a fun indoor activity for pregnant couples. Whether with friends or alone, you can have hours of entertaining gameplay, whether with a classic party game like charades or a simple board game. 

Choosing your favorite childhood game is also a way of getting to know one another better. Just don't get overly competitive! 

7. Recreate A Favorite Date Night 

Experience the best times you've had as a new couple all over again. Whether it be your first date night or any special dates you've had, you can recreate some of the best times you've had as a couple. 

8. Watch Outdoor Movies And Concerts 

Drive-in movies bring nostalgia. Or if your town sponsors such events, perhaps you can enjoy a movie or musical date at a park or lake. This wholesome outdoor entertainment is perfect for unwinding. It's free, and pet-friendly, and you can bring your own food and drinks. 

Concerts are now back, and you can attend some of your favorites. Just nothing too loud after the 24th week of pregnancy when your baby can hear. 

9. Sign Up For Adventures

Parenthood is perhaps the most fantastic adventure in life, but before you set out on that affair, why not pull off some activities that aren't "kid-friendly." What about a helicopter tour, burlesque show, paintball game, or playing billiards with your friends at the local dive bar? 

Travel to Las Vegas to indulge in world-class entertainment and casinos or see what your city has to offer.

10. Take A Hike Or A Swim

fu things for pregnant couples to do

If you're a couple that loves outdoor activities, hiking is perhaps the best way to exercise, improve circulation, ease stress, and appreciate nature. It's one of the best fun activities for pregnant couples to do. Make it even more romantic by going on a route with beautiful lookout points.

In moderation and in early pregnancy, along with your doctor's approval, you and your partner can try climbing as a fun prenatal activity. Just ensure that you carefully monitor your body while doing such workouts.

Or swim together. This establishes a habit that will help you stay healthy and fit during your pregnancy. 

11. Picnic Under The Stars 

Nothing is more romantic than having a picnic date with your lover.

For a huge upgrade, travel beyond the city limit and find an area with an open, dark sky. This doesn't require a big production; you only need a blanket and maybe a few snacks. Just lay on the ground and cuddle under the stars in solitude. 

12. Visit A Botanical Garden 

a well kept botanical garden

Few places are as gorgeous as a well-kept botanical garden. You can enjoy the flowers, hike, or watch a sunset together. 

13. Visit A Waterpark 

You can just laze or float around all day while being cool from the heat of the season. Or float downriver if you prefer. 

14. Do A Couple's Photoshoot 

If you found out that you are expecting early enough, doing one last photoshoot with your partner is a great plan, especially if it's been a long time or you've never had a photoshoot. Hiring a photographer or visiting a studio for a fun, romantic couple or solo photoshoot before your baby bump appears can be great fun. 

You can also use these photo opportunities for announcement pictures to share with family and friends. 

15. Plan A Maternity Photoshoot 

fun activities for pregnant couples

If you want to make it a maternity photo session, it's recommended that you wait until mom is 32-36 weeks pregnant. Pregnancy photos can be quite enjoyable since you can show off your baby bump, plan unique themes, and capture unforgettable times. 

Later on, these photos can give your baby a peek into a world when their life was just starting. It stands as physical proof of your love and excitement to meet them. 

16. Decorate Baby's Nursery 

Decorating your future baby's nursery is a task you and your partner should do together. Doing errands like decorating walls, crafting garlands, building shelves, and more is an ideal way to bond and create fun memories. Just no toxic paint fumes for mom. Dad can wear a respirator. 

And take your sweet time to discuss your opinions on what the nursery will look like and how your child would feel in the room. 

17. Stream Movies About Pregnancy 

You may just want to stay at home on a comfy bed or couch. A perfect date night may be listening to music all night or simply watching a movie and chilling. Sure, you can binge-watch some of your favorite shows, and that's great fun, but why not bring the theme back around to pregnancy?

There are dozens of great movies about pregnancy. You and your partner can have a night a week or even an entire week where you be warm and snug and watch pregnancy-themed shows. Searching "shows and movies about pregnancy" on Google can give you a list of options.

Some top suggestions are Knocked Up, Baby Mama, Nine Months, What to Expect When You're Expecting, Juno, For Keeps, and Father of the Bride.

18. Start A Baby Registry 

If you plan to have a baby shower, expect the people you invite will want to give you a gift, so consider having a baby registry.

You can start the registry at classic baby stores such as Buy Buy Baby or register online at stores like Amazon, Pottery Barn, Target, and Walmart. Make sure that you have an option to add items to the list, and be sure to select items with varying price ranges. 

19. Visit A Library Or Bookstore And Read Baby Name Books 

Picking a name or nickname for your baby can be an entertaining date night. If you haven't picked a name yet, visit a library or bookstore and look at books on baby names for inspiration. 

You can also download baby name apps, sit down at a coffee shop with your partner, and make a list of baby names you like. Both of you can also make separate lists and compare if you've selected names that harmonize together or perhaps if you've even written down some of the same names. 

While you're at it, you can laugh at the weirdest suggestions you can find. 

20. Try Something New 

enjoying a new pregnancy activity

Aside from learning how to parent, you can also develop a new hobby or pursue the things you've always wanted to gain an understanding of. It's never too late to learn something new. 

There are classes on just about everything. From cooking classes to dance, art, pottery, and more, there's a plethora of things and activities to learn and have fun together.

21. Go On A Babymoon 

Besides missing your "me" time when your baby is born, you will also miss your "us" time. Take a weekend at a bed and breakfast or an extended trip while there's still time, usually during the second semester when mom is feeling at her best. Spend quality time with your partner on whatever brings you two the most joy. 

22. Join An Antenatal Class 

During pregnancy, hormones can go haywire. Making a positive influence on your body and mind is vital to staying happy. You and your partner can join an aerobics, yoga, or meditation class to get your happy juices flowing. 

Group experiences can not only help you create a social circle of parents-to-be but also acquire future buddies for your unborn baby. 

23. Start A Vlog 

Vlogging your pregnancy adventure is very common nowadays. Whether you post it online or just keep it private, recording your video journey can be well worthwhile if that's your style.

You can start from the day you knew you were pregnant, then the moment you tell your partner and family that you're expecting, having your first prenatal care checkup, knowing the gender of your baby, or hosting a gender reveal party, and on to your labor.

You can always look back on these memories and maybe someday share them with your child.

24. Buy Your Baby A Keepsake 

Buy your new baby a special keepsake during one of your date nights or a shopping spree. To make it even more special, you and your partner can spend your time thinking about what the item will be and pick it out together. This activity can be a good story that you both can tell your baby one day. 

You can choose a piece of jewelry that you can give to your child right away, or you can wear it and make it an heirloom to pass down to them in the future. You may want to write a letter telling why you chose this keepsake and why you want your child to have it. Telling stories about the keepsake can be a perfect bonding experience for your family later on. 

25. Attend Tasting Events 

Alcohol is off-limits for pregnant women (and men may want to join them in solidarity), but it doesn't mean you can't drink in spirit. Countless shops carry non-alcoholic or alcohol-free drinks like mocktails that you can partake in. 

Tasting events are rampant, or both of you can organize a DIY version and invite your friends and family to a little celebration of this new chapter in your life. 

26. Have A Shopping Spree 

While mom is still comfortable with her baby bump, make sure to fulfill those shopping cravings. Let your partner accompany you while you pamper yourself with the best maternity clothes that flatter your body yet still leave you comfy. Shopping is many a woman's best therapy. 

27. Enjoy A Semi-Formal Fancy Restaurant 

enjoying a semi-formal restaurant

It'll be a while before you get another chance to wine and dine like grownups. Splurge while you still have the opportunity! 

28. Be Spontaneous 

Once your baby is born, nearly everything will have to be planned. With a baby around, it's difficult to make impromptu plans. 

Make the most of your pre-baby phase by doing spontaneous activities such as going out for a long drive, having brunch with friends, taking a weekend getaway, going bowling, golfing, fishing, camping, and so on. 

The Bottom Line 

It is common for incoming parents to be conscious and cautious once there's a bun in the oven. While it is important to be careful, nothing should hinder both of you from having lots of good times and fun together. So indulge yourself with these fun things for pregnant couples to do and make the best of your "only me and you" time.

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When my daughter became pregnant, I was glad to see my son-in-law was doing everything right--or as good as it gets--we're always winging it, right? It got me thinking that so many dads would like to be more emotionally involved and knowledgeable when it comes to their wives' pregnancy and the first year of their children's lives.

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