The First Steps of Fatherhood: Pregnancy Through The First Year After Life

The Entire Pregnancy

So many guys want to know more about pregnancy, how to bond with their baby before birth, and how to be the best partner and father they can be. This website will show you how. We'll cover topics such as...

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So many dads would like to be more emotionally involved and knowledgeable when it comes to their wives' pregnancy and the first year of their child's life.  As this website is built out, it will cover:

  1. How bonding and intellectual, physical, and developmental activities are really one and the same. 
  2. Exercise and diet during pregnancy. 
  3. A baby's brain and its development stages.
  4. How to help your partner during pregnancy,
  5. Best books for expecting fathers and top relationship books. 
  6. Ideas for nursery décor. 
  7. Pregnancy and mental health.
  8. Supporting mom's emotional health during pregnancy.
  9. What to do before your little one arrives. 
  10. Common pregnancy illnesses.
                                             ...and so much more.


Then, before you know it, your partner is giving birth to your bundle of joy. There's so much to learn about those first few hours, the first few days, and the first year of your little one's life. For instance, do you have a list of all things to pack for the hospital? Do you know how vital it is that baby gets skin-on-skin bonding right after birth? The pros and cons of circumcision?
 Pros and cons of co-sleeping with your baby? Introducing pets to your little one? Newborn baby activities? How to save money with a new baby? Selecting the best Day Care if that's a direction you'll be going in.

The importance of an involved father in a child's life
Dad and baby bonding, 6 months

The First Year Of Baby's Life

Most dads want to know more about bonding with their little one, the very activities which are also those that promote all aspects of development.  Dads would like to learn more about colic, handling child tantrums, helping baby sleep through the night, and how to introduce solid foods.  As this website is built out, we'll cover:

  1. Dad bonding with baby at birth.
  2. Dad bonding with baby, months 0-3.
  3. Dad bonding with baby, months 4-6.
  4. Dad bonding with baby, months 7-12.
  5. Sudden infant death syndrome prevention.
  6. How to help with a colicky baby.
  7. How to help with postpartum depression.
  8. The newborn baby poop guide. 
  9. Disposable vs. cloth diapers.
  10. How to bathe your baby. 
  11. How to help with baby teething.
  12. Tips for a happy relationship with your partner.
  13. How to calm a crying baby.
  14. Newborn baby gas pain remedies.
  15. Help with baby reflux.
  16. Best music for babies
  17. Motor skills development in infants.
  18. Checklist for traveling with a baby.
  19. A child's psychological development stages.
  20. Helping baby to walk.
                                                    ...and so much more.
floor exploration baby 7-12 month

The core material is contained in the blog posts, so why not take a look there. Or, if you would like a free download of the ultimate checklist for bonding and development with your child from pregnancy through the first year of life, click here


I'm Dan Sperling

I help new fathers and fathers-to-be bond with their little ones and foster intellectual, physical, emotional, and social development, making for a well-rounded baby. I also help dads to be better partners and all-around fathers. I am creating as helpful and comprehensive a guide as I can devoted to The First Steps of Fatherhood: From Pregnancy Through The First Year Of Life. When I'm not blogging, you just might find me writing a new song.